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Divorce, Custody, Support & Parenting Time

Divorce is the most common family law case.  Even after a divorce case is over, disagreements about parenting time, child custody, change of schools, change of domicile, child support or other issues come up.  We can help with all of that and more.


We offer the following family law services: Divorce (Contested & Uncontested), Change of Domicile, Child Custody & Visitation, Amending or Changing Prior Court Orders, Change of Schools, Post-Judgment Issues (Divorce or Custody), Spousal Support / Alimony, Child Support, Domestic Violence / PPOs, Property Division, and Mediation. Click here to learn more and get help today.


Misdemeanors, Felonies & Probation

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We can help make the best of a bad situation. We have developed extensive resources to assist our clients in getting their lives back on track, while protecting the best interests of our clients. When needed, we can make referrals to other professionals including mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors and court probation staff to assist and protect our clients.


We handle a wide variety of criminal cases, including, but not limited to: Misdemeanors, Felonies, Drug Charges, Weapon Charges, Theft Crimes,  Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving (DUI/OWI), Assault and Battery​, and Probation Violations. Click here to learn more and get help today.


Civil Litigation

Breach of Contract, Damages & Liability

Court actions can be broadly divided into two types, criminal and civil. As the name suggests, criminal law involves prosecution of crimes in defense of those accused of committing them.  Civil litigation is, quite simply, everything that involves lawsuits and court actions other than criminal cases.


We handle a wide variety of civil litigation lawsuits, including, but not limited to: Breach of Contract, Consumer Rights, Damages, Business Litigation, Fraud and Misrepresentation, Employment Law, and Education Law. Click here to learn more and get help today.

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